About Us

Mission Statement

The CAPT's purpose is to:

  • Promote the welfare of children in Crestwood School

  • Promote adequate care and protection of the children coming to, going from and while at Crestwood School

  • Encourage a cooperative relationship between parents and teachers so there may be intelligent training of children attending Crestwood School

  • Develop between educators and the Crestwood and surrounding community such united efforts that will help secure the highest advantages in physical, mental and social education for each student at Crestwood School

  • Assist in developing and preserving the Crestwood School building and playground and property as a community asset to serve the needs of Crestwood students, staff and neighborhood community

CAPT Information

Who we are

  • Every parent, guardian, teacher, and staff member is a member of the CAPT.

  • All voices are important when guiding decisions made by the board.

  • There are no membership fees or obligations.

Our purpose

Our overarching goal is to promote the welfare of children attending Crestwood by encouraging a cooperative relationship between families and teachers & staff. We do this in many different ways, including through monthly meetings where everyone is encouraged to participate, organizing events, and raising funds for classroom activities.


  • Development of a COVID relief fund for families in need

  • Installation of Black Lives Matter sign at Crestwood

  • Coordinating Cricket gear to spread school spirit

Special Caper Brainstorming Session

Saturday, February 13th at 10am. Calling all Crickets- kids too! We will once again not be able to host our most cherished annual event, the Caper, in person. We need opinions on what a virtual event might look like and ideas for fun, creative alternatives to help keep the Caper spirit alive.

Meeting link below!

2021 Virtual Meetings

Wednesday, February 24, 2021 (9:30 am)

Tuesday, March 23, 2021 (6:30 pm)

Wednesday, April 21, 2021 (9:30 am)

Google Meet link: meet.google.com/cyj-oogk-qvc

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  • Website: https://www.crestwoodcapt.us/home

  • Facebook: CAPT (Crestwood Association of Parents and Teachers)

  • Cricket Newsletter: https://www.crestwoodcapt.us/cricket
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