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Volunteer Overview

CAPT coordinates so many of Crestwood’s most cherished events, but none of it could happen without support from families. That’s where you come in! Volunteers are the engine that keeps it all running.

What follows is a breakdown of CAPT’s volunteer roles. Most events require a limited amount of planning and fall in a narrow window in the calendar year. Whether you can devote a little bit of time, or a lot—we welcome everyone in the Crestwood community to get involved.

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Description of Volunteer Roles


  • President - responsible for managing and executing all functions of CAPT. They work with staff and other community organizations to coordinate multiple functions of the organization. They attend and lead CAPT meetings and board meetings.

  • Vice President - functions as President in the absence of President, and assists the President in working towards the goals set forth by the Board.

  • Treasurer - responsible for keeping records and maintaining all financial aspects of CAPT. They are responsible for disbursements and deposits, and preparing and maintaining the annual budget.

  • Secretary - attends all Board and CAPT meetings and takes and maintains notes.

  • At-Large Members - attend all Board and CAPT meetings, and help in volunteer capacity as needed. They give opinions and support to help the Board with decision making and processes.

Event Coordinators

  • Book Fairs - Crestwood typically has two annual book fairs. This person will work with the Library Media Specialist at Crestwood to organize and set up the book fairs. They will also help to coordinate staffing of the book fair.

  • Fun Run - organize logistics for Fun Run, food trucks, etc. Coordinate with Fundraising volunteer to assist with the fundraiser aspect of the event.

  • Lantern Walk - organize Crestwood’s annual Lantern Walk under the direction of Mr. B.

  • Art Night - organize Crestwood’s annual Art Night. Duties include coordinating table set-up with school custodians, food for the event, and pickup and dropoff of exhibits with students and families. If virtual, details will be decided by the Art Night Committee.

  • Trivia Night - organize Trivia Night, a virtual or in-person event to be decided by committee.

  • Science Night - organize Crestwood’s annual Science Night. Duties include coordinating table set-up with school custodians, food for the event, and pickup and dropoff of exhibits with students and families.

  • Teacher Appreciation Week - organize events and food for the week to show our appreciation for the work our teachers do.

  • Caper - This group will plan and implement the school’s annual auction and carnival. If in-person, duties include creating decorations, booth set-up and teardown, staffing booths and more. If virtual, details will be decided by the Caper Committee.

  • Talent Show - this group will solicit participants and coordinate the details for Crestwood’s Talent Show.

  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) - this committee is brand new to Crestwood. CAPT is specifically looking for Black, Latino, and families of color to lead this group. This committee will be focused on bringing the voices of these community members to the parent teacher group and the school. This group will also lead the organization of Multicultural Night.

Communications Managers

  • Cricket Newsletter - The Crestwood Cricket is CAPT’s newsletter. This is our only resource to get information to families. Using mailchimp, this person is responsible for creating and sending out each newsletter, as well as maintaining email contacts.

  • Spanish Translation - Translate flyers and other CAPT documents into Spanish, generally using electronic methods (Word, Google Docs, etc). The Cricket does NOT require translation, as it is automatic.

  • Contact Manager - this person will maintain an updated listing of contact information and email addresses for the CAPT mailing list.

  • Web Manager - using Google sites and products, they will work with the board to make updates and ensure the website is updated and user friendly.

  • Directory Creation - Compile contact information supplied by those who opt in to the school’s contact listings. Ideally this will be printed and distributed to all Crestwood families.

  • Social Media - Maintain the CAPT Facebook page with updated events and information.

Spirit Gear Committee

  • Organize ordering and distribution of Crestwood apparel, as well as the creation of an online spirit gear store.

Birthday Books

  • Help every Crestwood kiddo receive a special book on their birthday (summer birthdays typically celebrated on half birthday). This team will help select/purchase books and coordinate with the school to get books in hands.

School Supply Boxes

  • Many parents have expressed interest in streamlining the annual school supply process. This position would coordinate with a supply box company (CAPT has info) once supply lists are released from the district, and distribute ordering information to families. Supplies are sent directly to the school, so no backend coordination is needed.

Family Liaisons

  • Family Liaisons work within the grade levels to build community and act as a connection between CAPT and families. They can organize events such as park play dates, grade-level dances, family board game nights, and more.


  • This group will coordinate things like restaurant share nights, Taste of Wisconsin Holiday sale, and Art to Remember. Fun Run volunteer will handle the fundraising aspect of the event, and coordinate with the event volunteers as needed.