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Announcing the 2021 Crestwood Caper!

The Caper will look a little different this year, but it will still be tons of fun! There are loads of ways to participate; from donating to or bidding in the Silent Auction (4/30-5/9), to submitting photos/videos to and watching the Talent Show (5/13), to purchasing pizza during Papa Murphy’s “Pizza Party” (5/12-5/13). Come join us!

Find all the ways to participate below!

Create Art for a Diversity Poster

Contribute your original art to a Diversity Poster that will be up for auction! We'll take your art, combine it with that of other Crestwood community members, and make it into a collage poster for the auction. Students, staff, teachers, parents, alumni, and Crestwood supporters are all encouraged to participate.

1. Create a piece of art using the medium of your choice to illustrate the amazing diversity throughout our community and around the world. Some topic ideas are below, but your imagination is the only limitation! You can find books with linked videos for inspiration here.

  • Clothing

  • Body shape/size

  • Where people live

  • Abilities

  • Race/ethnicity

  • Culture

  • Food

  • Family Unit

  • Jobs

  • Transportation

2. Capture a photo of your art. You can do this with a cell phone or computer (directions below for using Chromebook or watch a video here).

  • Open Launcher (circle in lower left hand corner)

  • Type in "camera", click to open the App

  • Make sure "photo" is selected on the right hand side

  • This step helps to have another set of hands: one to hold up the art, and another to take the picture by clicking the gray circle on the right hand side.

  • Center the art and hold it flat, fill the screen and stay steady for the best image. If you don't like your first try you can take another picture.

3. Upload the photo of your art.

  • Open the Google Folder **Poster Upload**

  • Click "+New" in the upper left hand corner > File Upload

  • Click My Files > Camera > select your image > Open


Donate Towards Grade-Level Auction Baskets

Families from grades K-5 have the opportunity to contribute items for a themed basket to enter in the auction. Please consider donating an item to help make these baskets extra amazing! Donations can be brought in by your child and dropped off with his or her teacher (for those grades back at school). If your child is still virtual, donations can be brought to Crestwood and left on a table out front any time during school hours.

Questions or if you need to arrange an after school-hours drop, contact Karen Gibson at

Kindergarten Theme


Examples: board games, card games, playing cards, snacks, activity books, dice, blanket

First Grade Theme


Examples: cooler bag, sidewalk chalk, bubbles, water balloons, sunscreen, sand & water toys, pool torpedoes, jump rope, towels, bug spray

Second Grade Theme


Examples: markers, construction paper, paints, specialty paper, stickers, glitter glue, washi tape, small canvas, brushes, modeling clay, colored pencils, scissors

Third Grade Theme


Examples: LEGO set, LEGO brick box, LEGO gear, LEGO clothing, gift card to Bricks & MiniFigs

Fourth Grade Theme


Examples: microscope, magnifying glass, fossils, rocks, crystal growing kit, excavation kit, terrarium kit, safety goggles

Fifth Grade Theme


Examples: tools and utensils, recipe books for kids, baking supplies, aprons, rolling pin, cookie cutters, sprinkles, molds, pans, spatulas

Bid in the Silent Auction

This year many of our community businesses, Crestwood families and other generous individuals (including the teachers!), have donated items, packages, experiences, classes and more towards our annual silent auction. 100% of proceeds help to support CAPT and Crestwood.

>>The auction opens online Friday, April 30th (noon) and closes Sunday, May 9th (10pm).<<

See auction items at (More items added every day!) If you'd like to donate something for the auction, it's not too late. Contact Amy Irving at

Participate in the Cricket Talent Show

Submit a photo or video to the Cricket Talent Show. We are looking for ALL kinds of talent, so show off a “slice” of what you’ve got!

Large or small, cheesy or even a little bit extra! Do you love to sing, dance, play an instrument, or do gymnastics?
Upload a video! Are you a comedian, magician, or actor? Show us your stuff! Do you love to draw, paint, color, or sew? Do you enjoy sinking your hands into clay, baking delicious treats in the kitchen, or building masterpieces with Legos? Take a picture of your creation! Make sure to include your name and grade on your video or work of art.

Link for submissions: The link will remain open for submissions until Friday, May 7. The Talent show will be aired on May 13.

Order Pizza from Papa Murphy's

It's a Pizza Party! Place an order with Papa Murphy’s May 12th-13th.
15% of the proceeds from sales on these dates will support CAPT.

Participating location: 1005 N Gammon Road, Middleton

Use the code CHARITY when ordering!

A big Thank You to Papa Murphy’s for their help fundraising, and the generous donation of extra pizzas!

Questions: Erin Zetes ( or Stefany Grainger (