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📆 Upcoming Events & Deadlines 📆

Hello Crestwood Crickets,

We hope you are all doing well and staying safe. CAPT has been discussing ways to support our community during this crisis, as well as how to re-imagine the silent auction for the Caper.

The CAPT board has decided to start a COVID-19 Emergency Relief Fund for Crestwood Families. This fund with begin with a donation from CAPT in the amount of $4383. This amount was arrived at by reviewing our budget for events planned this year, as well as teachers donating their classroom budgets. While this fund will be organized by CAPT, the use and distribution of funds will be maintained by staff for privacy reasons. Some of the ways this money will support our community are; access to supplies and technology, groceries and food, books and learning resources.

How can you help?

1. Make a direct donation. Visit to make a donation.

2. Check out the items available at the Caper Silent Auction and bid on something. The Caper Silent Auction is now live and will remain open for online bidding through May 5, 2020. Thank you to all of our sponsors, volunteers, donations, and vendor donations. This effort would not be possible without you.

Caper Silent Auction-

3. Donate to our book/ learning game/toy drive. Details on this effort are coming soon, stay tuned.

If you feel you are in need of support during this time, please reach out to school social worker, Jenni Onken (

4. If you have questions for the CAPT board, please email Nicole Kron (

Stay safe Crickets,

The CAPT Board Members

📖 Other Information 📖

🛑 Morning drop off: NO Y-TURNS

Please do not make a Y-turns near Crestwood. Cars pulling into driveways on south side of Sauk and backing up into the street to turn around is a dangerous move and children are at risk...especially the little ones who race up the sidewalk ahead of parents.

🚌 Support for positive bus behavior

We’re hoping we can all work together to make sure every student feels safe and sense of belonging everywhere in our school community, including on buses.

Bus transportation is a privilege, not a right, and bus privileges may be taken away based on behavior. Students riding yellow school buses are subject to discipline in accordance with the Behavior Education Plan (BEP). Our approach is intended to help students learn positive behaviors and repair harm if any negative behavior occurs.

We recently reviewed this elementary slide deck with all students, intending to help clarify expectations and support positive bus behavior. If you get a chance, please take a look at the slides and discuss with your student if they ride the bus. Thank you for your support.

🚙 School Drop-Off Dos & Don'ts

Once the school buses have left Crestwood (typically about 7:40am), you are welcome to drop your student/s off on the Crestwood side of Old Sauk Rd. Please pull as far ahead as possible so that vehicles behind you do not block the traffic. Your child needs to get out quickly and use the sidewalk and steps to enter school safely. School staff will be present to help them get into the building and to their classroom. If you would like to walk your child to the front door, please park on the opposite side of Old Sauk Rd. in the marked zone and walk your student across the crosswalk with the crossing guard. There is no curb-side pick-up after school due to traffic concerns.